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Certification Options

CChangeAP – Free Use

CChangeAP is free to use! However, should your requirements for the tool be for commercial gain you are required to have your project certified. See our Costs and Terms and Conditions.

Ready to have your project certified? Your report can be certified by a professional and independent engineer to ensure that it meets the requirements of Green Star!

For further information on Costs, Terms and Conditions, or for certification advice please Contact Us.

CChangeAP – Full Service

CChangeAP consultants can also tailor a full service Green Star compliant package for your needs.

For further information on Costs,Terms and Conditions, or for further information regarding a tailored solution, please Contact Us.

Tool Info

This tool is designed for sustainability consultants, councils, and developers to assess and mitigate risks due to climate change.

What do I need to complete the assessment?

In order to undertake an effective risk assessment and create a plan, it is recommended that you have the following items with you. You can save your progress at any stage and return to sections later, so it's OK if you don't have any of the below with you when starting your assessment.

- Detailed drawings of the site and proposed or existing developments

- A list of relevant stakeholders in the project and their contact details

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How to make your own Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan

Duration - 3 hours

- Online $500.00 AUD + GST
- In-person $800.00 AUD + GST

For further information regarding training, please contact us


Please check back here for FAQ and Technical assistance in the near future.

If you require any further technical assistance with the tool, please contact us

CChangeAP can also complete a Green Star compliant Adaptation and Resilience Plan for your project. If you would like professional assistance with your Adaptation and Resilience Plan, please contact us