What is CChangeAP?

Need to understand how the changing effects in the world’s climate are going to affect your next build or development? CChangeAP can help you.

CChangeAP is a powerful tool that utilises best-practice risk assessment methodology to guide you to the most effective climate change risk mitigation actions for your project. The advised recommendations focus on those initiatives that will provide the greatest future proofing benefit to your build or development.

It provides you with a framework to:

  • Identify potential climate change risks to your build / development
  • Produce a flexible matrix highlighting the potential risks to your project and prioritises the highest value mitigation actions you can take

Why use CChangeAP?

It is now widely recognised that the consequential effects of climate change will occur within the lifetime of many of the projects currently in design or construction. CChangeAP has been specifically developed to ensure that what we build today, will last into the future, taking into account the predicted climate change factors.


  • Informs, guides and recommends the most effective initiatives to future proof your project against climate change risks
  • Is aligned with Australian Standards, using CSIRO approved climate change data
  • Understands the purpose of your project and takes the guess work out of understanding the most effective future proofing initiatives

We encourage you to integrate CChangeAP recommendations at the earliest stage of your project to ensure that you achieve the best outcome possible.

Going for Green Star?

The Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating system recognises the importance of climate change adaptation and resilience. Credit ‘Adaptation and Resilience’ in the Design & As-Built tool has 2 points available for the development of an adaptation and resilience plan for your project.

CChangeAP will enable you to determine the risks to your project associated with climate change and create an adaptation plan to future proof your project.

Who We Are

Our vision is ‘to help the property industry ensure that what we build today will last into the future’.

We are a team of passionate sustainability consultants from Wood & Grieve Engineers (WGE) and Adaptive Futures. We’ve worked together to create a simple methodology that allows users to understand:

It’s about simply building better for our future.

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